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Government rules across Scotland currently instruct us to stay at home to minimise the spread of COVID-19. The full advice can be found on the Scottish Government official website.

You should only leave your house for limited purposes, such as...

shopping for basic necessities and at other open shopstravelling for work (where you cannot work from home), medical or animal welfare needsto use outdoor spaces for exercise / recreation (alone, or with one other household while socially distancing)
Travel for exercise / recreation should broadly be within 5 miles of your home; where possible, walk or cycle there.

Different restrictions may apply in other countries, including other parts of the UK, so please follow the official advice where you are.

We love exploring all parts of Scotland, but the time isn't right for that just now. In the meantime, feel free to browse the thousands of attractions we feature online.

Keep safe and help us all stay healthy!

Fisherrow Sands

East Lothian | Musselburgh | Beach | ★★

Fisherrow Sands officially lies just outside the City of Edinburgh boundary in East Lothian, and thus escapes much of the attention that its urban neighbour, Portobello Beach, receives by the capital's residents. Close to a mile of sand fans out on either side of a tidal harbour which has been in use since the 17th century - originally by herring boats, today by pleasure craft. At low tide a massive expanse of less photogenic mud and stones extends well out into the Firth of Forth, but a softer, sandier strip is exposed at all states of the tide, drawing the bulk of the crowds. The village of Fisherrow has a long history, but commercial activity has today shifted away from the beach and into Musselburgh across the River Esk, leaving the coast largely free of tourism paraphernalia except for the odd seasonal snack van. Altogether, there are better East Lothian beaches, but few are so easily accessible.

📌 Fisherrow Sands ★★
By the B6372 a mile…

Vogrie Country Park

Midlothian | Pathhead | Park | ★★

Vogrie Country Park is one of the Central Belt's quieter parks, and all the more pleasant for it. Expansive areas of grass surround Vogrie House: a baronial mansion built by Perth's town architect in the 1870s, and now housing a cafe. Apart from lounging around on the lawns, attractions include an adventure playground, miniature railway, bright rhododendron walk (best in late spring / early summer) and miles of woodland walks - including a footpath link southwards along the Tyne Water to Crichton Castle.

📌 Vogrie Country Park★★
By the B6372 a mile southwest of Pathhead, G.R.: NT 381632 ///snow.think.adapt
Open daily | Free

Anything else? Download a park map here.

Walk: Once upon a Tyne - Gorebridge gander

City of Edinburgh | Midlothian | Full day walk | ★★

Along the upper reaches of the Tyne Water, old rights of way string together a series of nature and history sites, including a country park, collegiate church and 14th century castle. These are all accessible by car, but walking over the braes from Gorebridge is a perhaps a better way to appreciate the region's scenic charms. Fortunately the area is blessed with an unusually dense network of paths, allowing a satisfying day's circuit with a long return along the neighbouring Gore Water. Vogrie Country Park has a cafe should refreshments be required after the first hill.

📌 Walk: Once upon a Tyne - Gorebridge gander ★★
Start / finish at junction of Hunterfield Road (B704) & Greenhall Road (street parking), half a mile north of Gorebridge town centre, G.R.: NT 340623 ///

► 19 km / 12 miles | ▲ 390 metres | ⌚ Full day | ⬤ Moderate
Features: Vogrie Country Park; Tyne Water; Crichton Collegiate Church; Crichton C…

Walk: Water of Leith & Union Canal - Edinburgh's silver threads

City of Edinburgh | Slateford | Half day walk | ★★★

Unusually among Scotland's cities, Edinburgh doesn't have a large river running through it. The closest contender is the modest Water of Leith, whose beautiful banks prove that size isn't everything. Indeed, this 22-mile silver thread forms the backbone to a string of milling villages which underpinned much of the capital's growth over the centuries. This fairly lengthy route covers the stretch between busy Slateford, desirable Dean Village and fashionable Stockbridge, remaining remarkably green and verdant even in close proximity to congested streets and retail parks. The return along the Union Canal is equally alluring, with more leafy surroundings together with stylish residences overlooking the popular towpath. The walk can be joined in the city centre, but starting in Slateford (as described here) gives the opportunity to break for lunch in one of the New Town's numerous cafes and restaurants.

📌 Walk: Water …