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Buchan Ness is a rocky headland and tidal island just off the coast from the village of Boddam, a couple of miles south of Peterhead. You won't find the island or the village in many guide books, and there's not really anything to "do" here. But it's a lovely spot all the same, and worth a short detour if you're passing by on the A90 coast road. The village and quiet harbour are accessed by Station Road - which despite the humdrum (and now inaccurate) name is anything but boring: houses on either side of the street frame a perfect view out to The Skerry, a rocky islet a mile offshore. A picturesque lighthouse dominates Buchan Ness, connected to the mainland by a short bridge - and a shingle tombolo at low tide. Despite the Danger! signs, it's worth a wander around (with care) for two reasons: the views, and its status as a contender for being the most easterly point in mainland Scotland.

[View along Station Road]

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📌 Buchan Ness ★★
Immediately east of Boddam village, G.R.: NK 136423 ///gems.welfare.premises
Always open | Free

[View across the rocks to Boddam Harbour]


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