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[Cullerlie Stone Circle]

The rural B9119 road connects a trio of interesting stone circles in the general area of Echt village. All are recumbent stone circles - i.e. with a particularly massive stone lying on its side incorporated into the circle - but changing land use over the millennia since their construction means each setting is different. Cullerlie Stone Circle lies on open ground with cows watching on from adjacent fields. You'll find Sunhoney's circle in a clearing within a small circle of woodland. Midmar Stone Circle has ended up in the churchyard of an 18th century kirk.

[One of Cullerlie's inner cairns]

Location & info

📌 Cullerlie Stone Circle ★★
💬 Complicated stone circle comprising an outer ring enclosing several small cairns.
By minor road 1 mi south of Garlogie, G.R.: NJ 785043 ///defensive.hammer.headstone
Always open | Free

📌 Midmar Stone Circle ★★
💬 Recumbent stone circle within the graveyard of Midmar Church.
By minor road, just off B9119 3 mi west of Echt, G.R.: NJ 699065 ///drama.exist.radically
Always open | Free

📌 Sunhoney Stone Circle ★★
💬 Another recumbent circle, aligned with the direction of moonrise on certain days.
Off B9119 2 mi west of Echt, G.R.: NJ 716057 ///faster.paces.obtain
Always open | Free

💬 For Sunhoney Stone Circle, park at the end of the track (don't block access) signposted to Sunhoney Farm at G.R.: NJ 717054 ///cans.trousers.removals. From here it's a 5-min walk to the cairn on a grassy path between fields.


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