Whinnyfold beach

Aberdeenshire | Whinnyfold | Beach | ★★★

[Whinnyfold beach]

Sometimes the most unlikely spots spring lovely surprises. Whinnyfold village hardly looks worth a second thought on the map: a hamlet at the end of a series of country lanes, a fair distance from the much more appealing-looking Bay of Cruden to the north. All seems unremarkable as you approach, with just a few unassuming rows of houses - and if a couple of non-residents have beaten you to it, you might already have run out of options for parking. But a gravel footpath leading downhill gives the game away. Follow the path over the crest and a wonderful stony cove is revealed, with a wide pebbly beach, rocky headlands and a perfect secluded feel. And maybe just a splash of magic...

[Steps down to the bay]

Location & info

📌 Whinnyfold beach ★★★
Immediately east of Whinnyfold village, G.R.: NK 082332 ///soggy.sparrows.icons

💬 Extremely limited parking either at the north end or towards the south end of the village (you arrive from the north). From the south end, dozens of gravel steps zigzag down to access the beach.

[Whinnyfold beach]


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