Dunnottar Castle

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[Dunnottar Castle]

As a defensive site Dunnottar Castle's location is the definition of perfection, squeezed onto a rocky headland almost completely cut off from the mainland and surrounded by sheer cliffs. The castle is a true Scottish icon amidst spectacular coastal scenery: little wonder it appears in countless calendars. After admiring the ruin from the mainland (for free), you cross the ravine via a short path, tunnel and hundreds of steps to emerge in the heart of it all. The headland turns out to be more extensive than at first appears so there's a surprising amount to see, built at various times from the 13th century onward: a standalone keep, chapel, several ranges and more even more cellars. If we're being picky then a few more interpretation panels wouldn't go amiss (perhaps they've been improved since our last visit), but tourists still pour in from all around the world regardless of the visitor experience. Walk here from Stonehaven for a fine, full day out.

[View of the castle from the coast path to the north (28/3/13)]

Location & info

📌 Dunnottar Castle ★★★★
Off the coast road 2 mi south of Stonehaven, G.R.: NO 881838 ///mopped.half.sunbeam
Open daily | £7 adult / £3 child

💬 From the car park (gets full) at G.R.: NO 876838 ///farmer.grasp.waddle it's a 10-min walk to the castle along a clear but steep path, with lots of steps to get into the castle itself.

[View from the headland immediately to the south]


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