Walk: Millstone Hill - Bennachie's quiet sibling

Aberdeenshire | Bennachie | Half day walk | ★★★

[Mither Tap seen from the top of Millstone Hill]

Millstone Hill is nowhere near as famous as its more distinctive neighbour, Mither Tap. However, it's the best viewpoint for the latter and much, much quieter. An unremittingly steep climb from glen level quickly takes you above the treeline for excellent views across Donside towards the distant Cairngorms. These pale in comparison to the summit panorama however. Mither Tap looks absolutely glorious from here, thrusting high above surrounding farmland. Save your knees by taking advantage of the (slightly) gentler return route.

[The upper part of the ascent offers great views over Donside]

📌 Walk: Millstone Hill - Bennachie's quiet sibling ★★★
Start / finish at car park on minor road at Donview, 6 mi west of Kemnay, G.R.: NJ 672190 ///palm.breezes.lotteries

▶ 5 km / 3 mi | ▲ 320 m | ⌚ Half a day | Moderate
Features: △ Millstone Hill (409 m, sub-2000')
Terrain: Mostly well-made, waymarked paths, though unrelentingly steep with a few rough sections.

Route & map

Car park - Millstone Hill by direct route - return via northwest side of Scare Hill. Route marked in teal here (Millstone Hill Trail).

Route credit: Forestry Commission Scotland
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On our visit

Wildlife: Birds and butterflies.
Weather: Perfect sunshine and warm for the time of year.

[Lots of butterflies out in the late autumn sunshine today]


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