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Cairn o' Mount (B974)

Aberdeenshire | Fettercairn | Road pass | ★★★

The narrow road winding across the hills between Fettercairn and Strachan was once an important military route into the Highlands from the plains to the south. Today it's a vital link for residents of Deeside, and an (relatively) easy way to experience the wide openness of the Cairngorms for the rest of us. There are two laybys close to the top of the pass: the northern one giving access to a 4,000 year-old cairn marking the true summit, and the southern one providing the best views south across the low-lying Howe of the Mearns. Plan your trip with extra care in winter: direct exposure to easterly winds and a top height of over 450 metres above sea level brings the associated ice and snow hazards.

đź“ŚCairn o' Mount (B974) ★★★
Between Fettercairn and Strachan. Summit is at G.R.: NO 650807 ///lemons.panting.fortnight. South end atFettercairn, G.R.: NO 650735 ///enchanted.cotton.lungs. North end at Strachan, G.R.:  NO 675923 ///finishing…