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City of Edinburgh | Gilmerton | Underground chambers | ★★★

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Underneath what looks like an average betting chain shop on the main road through a southeastern suburb of Edinburgh there's a big surprise. A network of hand-carved tunnels and chambers extend into the bedrock. Perhaps it was a smugglers lair. Or a drinking den. Or, ironically given the shop above it, a gambling parlour. The best part? All these theories abound as to their purpose, but no-one truly knows what they were used for. Tours are a little pricey considering the small dimensions of the underground space.

[Gilmerton Cove]

Location & info

📌 Gilmerton Cove ★★★
16 Drum Street, Gilmerton, 5 mi southeast of Edinburgh Waverley Station, G.R.: NT 293686 ///horn.lanes.invent
🚌 Bus to Gilmerton.
Weekends & some weekdays (see official website) by pre-booked guided tour only | £10 adult / £5 child

[Gilmerton Cove]


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