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Walk: Giant's Cradle & a Linen Apron

Moray | Dufftown | Short walk | ★★★ [A short person in the Giant's Cradle...] The water around Dufftown must have special qualities: not only is it responsible for several world-famous distilleries, but it's also created some fascinating natural features. Just upstream from the village centre, the Dullan Water emerges from a small gorge. Within the dark confines of the valley is the Giant's Cradle: an impressive pothole once eroded by the burn, improbably high above the water level nowadays. This whole stretch of the water course makes for a delightful woodland and riverside wander whatever the weather, perhaps best after heavy rain when the usually piddly Linen Apron waterfall on a tributary next to the path earns its name (apparently). For an extension, walk from the centre of Dufftown - or from Glenfiddich / Balvenie if you've been sampling their whisky. [Dullan Water] 📌 Walk: Giant's Cradle & a Linen Apron ★★★ Start / finish at Dufftown Di

Auchindoun Castle

Moray | Dufftown | Castle | ★★★ [Auchindoun Castle] Auchindoun Castle doesn't have a road going past it, so you have to expend a little effort to reach it. The formidable building dates to the 15th century but was abandoned in the early 1700's - this after it was burnt in revenge for an attack on Corgarff Castle which involved the murder of all its occupants. With this grisly history and the remote location, this is one of those places with a powerful atmosphere around it: hostile, bordering on frightening, and definitely not helped by the cold wind that often seems to blow across the hillside here. Well worth a visit if you're calling at nearby Dufftown . [River Fiddich seen through a castle window] Location & info 📌 Auchindoun Castle ★★★ Off the A941 3 mi southeast of Dufftown, G.R.: NJ 349375 ///poetry.storyline.talkers Always open | Free 💬 The castle is a 15-min walk (each way) from the small layby on the A941 at G.R.: NJ 340378 ///grass.grin

Knock Castle

Aberdeenshire | Ballater | Castle | ★★ [Knock Castle] Deeside has several famous castles but Knock Castle is very much off the beaten track. Hidden away in between areas of forest and a short walk from the nearest road, this 4-storey tower house dates to the late 16th century and you can still carefully poke around inside. This is a pleasingly quiet and atmospheric place with none of the bluster of nearby Balmoral Castle . [Knock Castle] Location & info 📌 Knock Castle ★★ Off the B976 2 mi west of Ballater, G.R.: NO 352952 ///estate.eventful.acclaim Always open | Free 💬 Space for a couple of cars by the track junction on the B976 at G.R.: NO 354949 ///hang.arming.overpower . From here it's a 5-min uphill walk to the castle on the unsigned track to the north (last part across a field). [Castle interior]

Ythan Estuary

Aberdeenshire | Newburgh | Wildlife reserve | ★★★★ [Seals on the Ythan Estuary] The Ythan isn't a particularly large river, but it balloons in size to the east of Ellon as extensive areas of mud flats open out either side of the main channel. This is a hotspot for wading birds (winter), breeding eiders and terns (late spring and early summer), with fabulous sunsets from the upper estuary's Waulkmill hide. For many visitors though, the main attraction is the seals, which often haul out in their dozens as the tide falls at the mouth of the estuary. This is one of the best spots for watching the pinnipeds anywhere in the UK; only once out of our several visits have the seals been absent here, so the odds should be in your favour too as long as there aren't any walkers with dogs around, which can scare them off. The sands form the southern part of Forvie National Nature Reserve: the massive dunes to the north are well worth exploring too. [Sunset at Waulkmill hide

Walk: Up the boggy Buck

Aberdeenshire / Moray | Cabrach | Half day walk | ★★ [The route follows a line of fence posts: most of the ascent can be seen here] The Buck marks the northern terminus of a broad, heathery ridge straddling the border between Moray and Aberdeenshire. The B9002 contours its northern slopes, allowing a short, direct ascent which can be a real bog slog at times. Fortunately there's a saving grace in the excellent summit views, especially northeast over Aberdeenshire towards the Tap o' Noth and Strathbogie. Definitely one to save for a clear day though - if there's been recent heavy rain, forget it. [Interesting cloud layers around at the summit today] 📌 Walk: Up the boggy Buck ★★ Start / finish at layby on B9002 3 mi east of Cabrach village, G.R.: NJ 420255 ///shadow.thumps.height ▶ 5 km / 3 mi | ▲ 290 m | ⌚ Half a day | ⬤ Moderate Features: △ The Buck (721 m, Graham) Terrain: Short section of road, then boggy track, then wet path for the ascent which

Loanhead Stone Circle

Aberdeenshire | Daviot | Stone circles | ★★ [Loanhead of Daviot Stone Circles] Loanhead Stone Circle is one of the better of the large bunch of 4,000 year old stone circles found all over the north east. Or rather, one of them is - there are actually a pair of circles on this hilltop site, but little of remains of the second. The main circle consists of nearly a dozen boulders including a hefty recumbent stone flanked by two upright ones; this is common amongst the region's stone circles and their alignment probably relates to the lunar calendar. [The most complete circle of the pair] Location & info 📌 Loanhead Stone Circle ★★ Off minor road half a mile north of Daviot village, G.R.: NJ 748289 ///castle.pokes.solo Always open | Free [Mither Tap of Bennachie, seen from the circles]