Auchindoun Castle

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[Auchindoun Castle]

Auchindoun Castle doesn't have a road going past it, so you have to expend a little effort to reach it. The formidable building dates to the 15th century but was abandoned in the early 1700's - this after it was burnt in revenge for an attack on Corgarff Castle which involved the murder of all its occupants. With this grisly history and the remote location, this is one of those places with a powerful atmosphere around it: hostile, bordering on frightening, and definitely not helped by the cold wind that often seems to blow across the hillside here. Well worth a visit if you're calling at nearby Dufftown.

[River Fiddich seen through a castle window]

Location & info

📌 Auchindoun Castle ★★★
Off the A941 3 mi southeast of Dufftown, G.R.: NJ 349375 ///poetry.storyline.talkers
Always open | Free

💬 The castle is a 15-min walk (each way) from the small layby on the A941 at G.R.: NJ 340378 ///grass.grins.organ. Walk east up the stony track, keeping right at a fork. A final short path leads to the castle.

[Castle interior]


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