Loanhead Stone Circle

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[Loanhead of Daviot Stone Circles]

Loanhead Stone Circle is one of the better of the large bunch of 4,000 year old stone circles found all over the north east. Or rather, one of them is - there are actually a pair of circles on this hilltop site, but little of remains of the second. The main circle consists of nearly a dozen boulders including a hefty recumbent stone flanked by two upright ones; this is common amongst the region's stone circles and their alignment probably relates to the lunar calendar.

[The most complete circle of the pair]

Location & info

📌 Loanhead Stone Circle ★★
Off minor road half a mile north of Daviot village, G.R.: NJ 748289 ///castle.pokes.solo
Always open | Free

[Mither Tap of Bennachie, seen from the circles]


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