Aikey Brae Stone Circle

Aberdeenshire | Old Deer | Stone circle | ★★

[Aikey Brae Stone Circle]

Even the approach path to this beautiful stone circle is an atmospheric journey. The dirt trod plunges abruptly into dense woodland: only a small thicket but seemingly huge when you're in the middle of it. Just as you think you might have lost the path, the stones suddenly appear ahead on an open hilltop overlooking Old Deer and the nearby ruined abbey to the northeast. As is often the case with ancient monuments such as this, the beauty is in how the site has survived undisturbed by 4,000 years of change all around.

Location & info

📌 Aikey Brae Stone Circle ★★
Off minor road 2 mi west of Old Deer, G.R.: NJ 959471 ///beginning.ramps.giant
Always open | Free

Anything else? There's just space for a small car (only!) at the signpost off the minor road at G.R.: NJ 956470 /// (don't block entrances). The stone circle is a 5-min walk away: head uphill on the track for a short distance before turning right onto a path. This soon heads into thick forest before suddenly emerging at the stone circle beyond.


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