Aikey Brae Stone Circle

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[Aikey Brae Stone Circle]

Aikey Brae is one of the most attractive stone circles to visit in northeast Scotland, located on an open hilltop overlooking Old Deer and its nearby ruined abbey. The circle - characterised by its focal recumbent stone flanked by two upright ones - has survived without modification despite 4,000 years of change all around - in fact its undisturbed state makes it fairly unusual amongst many of the other well-known stone circles in Aberdeenshire.

Location & info

📌 Aikey Brae Stone Circle ★★
Off minor road 2 mi west of Old Deer, G.R.: NJ 959471 ///beginning.ramps.giant
Always open | Free

💬 There's just space for a small car (only!) at the signpost off the minor road at G.R.: NJ 956470 /// (don't block entrances). Otherwise, you will need to park further away. The stone circle is a 5-min walk from the signpost: head uphill on the track for a short distance before turning right onto a path to the circle.


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