Delgatie Castle

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[Delgatie Castle]

"One of the most ancient and historic Scottish castles", gushes Delgatie Castle's website. This family castle belonging to Clan Hay looks a bit Fawlty Towers both on the inside and out, but has beautiful painted ceilings and a certain rustic charm despite some cobwebby corners and creaky floorboards. Parts of the building date to the 16th century - back in that defensive era when thick walls and small windows were vital - with further wings added in 1743. We haven't tried it, but the castle's home baking is reputedly outstanding; less impressive are the gardens and grounds, which could do with a bit of a tidy up.

Location & info

📌 Delgatie Castle ★★
Off minor road 2 mi east of Turriff, G.R.: NJ 754505 ///exclusive.weekend.ruby
Open daily | £8 adult / £5 child (2019)


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