Walk: Raise a glass for Brandy

Angus | Angus Glens | Full day walk | ★★★★

[Loch Brandy]

Most visitors to Glen Clova make a beeline for the head of the glen on a trip to see Corrie Fee. But Loch Brandy above the east side of the valley provides stiff scenic competition; here, majestic crags frame a stunning loch, a steep but shortish climb from the Glen Clova Hotel. Ascend the flanks on either side of the coire and the plateau revealed above is a different world: often boggy and pathless, but with mountain hares scampering in all directions and a remote feel. Ben Tirran is the underwhelming high point (vertically speaking), but it sits above Loch Wharral, a slightly less dramatic clone of Loch Brandy. Returning to the busy hotel for food or drink afterwards can come as a bit of an atmosphere shock on a summer weekend.

[The Glen Clova Hotel at the end of the circuit is a handy option for a post-walk drink]

📌 Walk: Raise a glass for Brandy ★★★★
Start / finish at car park on B955 just west of Glen Clova Hotel, G.R.: NO 327731 ///parks.cascaded.political

▶ 15 km / 9 mi | ▲ 750 m | ⌚ Full day | Tough
Features: Loch Brandy; △ The Goet / Ben Tirran (896 m, Corbett); Loch Wharral
Terrain: Good path to Loch Brandy, steep in parts. Rougher path up Broom Shank then pathless on the wet plateau. Faint paths and tracks for descent tend to improve. 2 mi of road to finish; the last half mile after Loch Heath has an adjacent path.

Route & map

Car park - Loch Brandy - Green Hill via Broom Shank (or the slightly longer, steeper Snub) - The Goet - Loch Wharral outflow - top of Adielinn Plantation - B955 at G.R.: NO 353715 - start via B955

Route credit: Walkhighlands
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On our visit

Wildlife: Whooper swans on Loch Brandy; mountain hares and toads higher up.
Weather: Dry and often sunny although clouding over a little on the plateau. A few snow patches higher up with a cool wind.

[Loch Brandy from above]


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