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Moray| Duffus | Castle & church | ★★★

[Duffus Castle]

Duffus is a perfectly rectangular village on the road between the county capital of Elgin and the coastal village of Hopeman on the Moray Firth. It's probably best known for the private boarding school of Gordonstoun, but its key draw for tourists is 12th century Duffus Castle, which once belonged to the Moray family. This has to be one of the most interesting castles in Scotland that's still free to visit, partially on a prominent motte but collapsing slowly (comically, even) down the hillside. Closer to the village, the roofless ruin of St Peter's Kirk is also worth a look: a place of worship since at least 1190, with a medieval mercat (market) cross in the graveyard.

[The motte]

Location & info

📌 Duffus Castle ★★★
Off minor road 2 mi southeast of Duffus village, G.R.: NJ 189672 ///nosedive.crackling.fallen
Always open | Free

📌 St Peter's Kirk and Parish Cross
By minor road immediately east of Duffus village, G.R.: NJ 175687 ///monks.stencil.owned
Open daily, but you need to pick up the key locally to access the church interior | Free

[Parts of the ruin still seem to be slipping down the slope from the motte]


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