Spynie Palace

Moray | Elgin | Palace | ★★

[David's Tower, Spynie Palace]

With surviving parts dating from the 1300s and seat of the bishops of Moray for 5 centuries, Spynie Palace is an extensive and formidable ruin. David's Tower dominates the site: 6 floors and in a far better state of repair than the other buildings dotted around the former courtyard. For some reason we didn't warm to it; perhaps it was because of the stark, LEGO-block-like shape of the tower, or the ugly modern roof fitted to the top of it. It completes the story of Elgin Cathedral though - and good value, joint tickets covering both are available.

[Bishops' coats of arms]

Location & info

📌 Spynie Palace ★★
Off the A941 3 mi north of Elgin, G.R.: NJ 231659 ///aimless.losing.ships
Open daily, April to September | £6 adult / £3.60 child / free for Historic Environment Scotland members. Joint ticket with Elgin Cathedral available.

[Surviving plaster inside David's Tower]


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