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Lunan Bay

Angus | Lunan | Beach & castle | ★★★★

Three miles of perfect sand and scenery makes Lunan Bay the most beautiful beach in Angus - perhaps even the best anywhere on Scotland's east coast. Its rural location saves it from crowds (although it's not as quiet as Sandwood Bay, for instance), and even in peak season there's more than enough sand to go round. The beach is mostly backed by low dunes but there's a surprise in the form of Red Castle, a lonely 12th century ruin well worth the wet feet you'll get in crossing the Lunan Water to reach it. The castle is also a great vantage point for the bay, although don't get too close: it's not exactly the most stable of buildings.

📌Lunan Bay ★★★★
Car park is on minor road just east of Lunan, G.R.: NO 691516 ///

📌Red Castle ★★
On the headland above Lunan Bay, just to the south of the mouth of the Lunan Water, G.R.: NO 688511 ///many.diary.flattered
Always open (exterior only) | Free

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Angus | Town | ★★

Around Montrose is some of the most quietly beautiful coastal scenery in Scotland. Three sides of the town are actually bordered by water. To the west is the 1,000 acre Montrose Basin, particularly impressive at low tide and well seen from both the railway line and Esk Road, with the magnificent House of Dun close to its inland edge. Further south are the rocky headland and natural arch of Boddin Point and Elephant Rock - a pair of beauty spots well linked by a good coastal path - with the magnificent expanse of Lunan Bay a little further on. And to the north of the town is St Cyrus: another wonderful beach equal to any other in the region. Montrose itself is a historic town with attractive High Street, busy harbour and some grand old buildings.

📌Montrose ★★
Angus, G.R.: NO 714579 ///dried.regal.shock

Within walking distance

>> Montrose Museum (not yet featured)


>> Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre (not yet featured)
>> Montrose Beach (not ye…

Walk: Down the mine from Well o' the Lecht

Moray | Ladder Hills | Short walk | ★★

An easy walk in the middle of the Highlands? You better believe it. It's only a mile's round trip to the last surviving building of what was once Scotland's largest manganese mine, surrounded by piles of discarded iron ore. An unexpected slice of history for such a remote location, and thankfully this industrial relic only enhances the beautiful glen in which it sits. Perfect for a short leg-stretcher if you're driving over the Lecht Pass.

📌 Walk: Down the mine from Well o' the Lecht ★★
▶ 1 km / <1 mile | ▲ 30 metres
Features: Lecht Mine
Start / finish: Car park on A939, Well of the Lecht, G.R.: NJ 235153 ///

Route: Car park - Lecht Mine - return by outward route
Terrain: Easy and level path along glen floor.
Wildlife today: Quiet apart from a few birds.
Weather today: Warm sunshine, gentle breeze; temperatures nudging 20°C.

Route map

Route credit: Glenlivet Estate