Balmoral Castle

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[Balmoral Castle]

Balmoral is the Royal Family's main holiday residence in Scotland, with the estate first purchased from Lord Aberdeen during Queen Victoria's reign. The castle you see today was built during the next decade: a beautiful building in Scots Baronial style, smaller than you might expect. It's worth noting that most of the castle itself (apart from the Ballroom) isn't open to the public; instead, various exhibitions and extensive grounds make up most of the package.

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Location & info

📌 Balmoral Castle ★★★
Off the B976 half a mile west of Crathie, G.R. NO 254950 ///
Open daily, April to early August | £12 adult / £6 child

💬 From the huge car park (with charge) at G.R.: NO 264949 ///gambles.goats.novel it's a 15-min walk to the castle, mostly on level tarmac.

[Balmoral Castle]


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