Dunadd Fort

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The rocky outcrop of Dunadd rises up a mere 50 metres above the Mòine Mòr (literally the Big Bog). Its a curious sight amongst the mostly pancake-flat landscape here but there's a much bigger reason to visit: between the years of 500 and 800 AD it was the capital of Dálriata: a huge Gaelic kingdom stretching from part of the Inner Hebrides in the north to modern-day Northern Ireland. Following a steep climb to the summit, you'll discover the clear markings of two human footprints carved into exposed rock: thought to be the crowning place for the Kings of Dálriata. Place your own foot (carefully) inside the footprint and the connection spanning 15 centuries between you and this ancient kingdom is almost tangible. A truly remarkable place, and only a couple of miles from the even more significant historic site of Kilmartin Glen.

[Not quite king, but close enough...]

Location & info

📌 Dunadd Fort ★★★
Off the A816 1 mi west of Bridgend, G.R.: NR 837936 ///proudest.erupt.slot
Always open | Free

[Good views across the Mòine Mòr from the summit]


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