Ganavan Sands

Argyll & Bute | Oban | Beach | ★★★

[Sunset over Lismore seen from the beach]

Rusting swings, a new housing development and a caravan park all nearby... Ganavan Sands certainly isn't your typical West Highland beach. But keep your eyes firmly out to sea (or to the north) and there's a wonderful outlook over the islands of Lismore and Mull - especially alluring at sunset at the end of a clear day. It's only a few minutes' drive from Oban, but amazingly the locals seem to take it for granted: the beach was deserted when we visited on a calm June evening. Best at low tide, though there's always some sand above the high water level.

[Ganavan Sands]

Location & info

📌 Ganavan Sands ★★★
End of Ganavan Road, 2 mi north of Oban, G.R.: NM 862328 ///cackling.nature.await

[Looking towards the hills of Mull]


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