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[Lossiemouth from the East Beach]

The sizeable former fishing port of Lossiemouth stands on a minor low headland jutting into the Moray Firth. Harbour aside, the town itself is a little disappointing - nearby Elgin appears to have sucked some of the life out of it - but its best features are on either side: two magnificent and sandy beaches, each stretching for miles along the coast. The East Beach features extensive dunes sandwiched between river and sea. There's a rickety-looking footbridge across the River Lossie to reach it. West Beach is equally beautiful though very small at low tide - it's also the start of an excellent walk to Hopeman via the Moray Coast Trail.

[Lossiemouth from the West Beach (3/8/13)]

Location & info

📌 Lossiemouth East Beach ★★★
East side of Lossiemouth, G.R.: NJ 239706 ///folks.homes.uproot

📌 Lossiemouth West Beach ★★★
West side of Lossiemouth, G.R.: NJ 225709 ///crab.sued.thinnest

[East Beach is reached by an impressive wooden bridge across the mouth of the River Lossie]


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