Cloutie Well

If you're driving along the A832 from the Tore Roundabout onto the Black Isle, you might notice an extensive collection of old rags hanging from the trees and amongst the undergrowth, on the right  of the road just before Munlochy. Local's dumping ground? Far from it - this is a holy well and minor pilgrimage site, and the "old rags" are in fact clouties. These are fragments of old clothing belonging to an ill or troubled person; as they're left to rot, the hope is that the person's troubles will rot away too. It's certainly an unusual place, although with a somehow friendlier atmosphere than the similar Doon Hill in the Trossachs.

[Cloutie Well]

📌 Cloutie Well ★☆☆
Location: By the A832 half a mile west of Munlochy, G.R.: NH 641537 ///offerings.activates.worms
Anything else? From the car park at G.R.: NH 640537 ///chapters.arose.beyond it's a 2-min walk east to the well on woodland paths.


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