Fort George

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[Fort George Chapel]

This colossal 18th century military base overlooks the Moray Forth opposite Chanonry Point, a short distance east from Inverness. Conceived in the wake of the nearby 1746 Battle of Culloden, the fortress took over two decades to build, by which time the Jacobite threat it was supposed to defend against had largely disappeared. Never mind: it subsequently served as an army barracks and in fact still does, currently home to the Black Watch infantry battalion. Tourist destination and current military base therefore combine to create a fascinating "working" attraction, similar to Edinburgh Castle in some ways but much less crowded and nearly as interesting. 5 football fields' worth of fort makes it easy to neglect aspects: don't miss the large chapel, powder room, reconstructed barracks or the great views over the wildlife-rich Moray Firth.

[Defensive ditches at Fort George]

Location & info

📌 Fort George ★★★
At B9006 road end 1 mi north of Ardersier, G.R.: NH 763567 ///consoled.lamps.unguarded
Open daily | £9 adult / £5.40 child / free for Historic Environment Scotland members

[Restored barracks living quarters]


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