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[Remains of Fortrose Cathedral]

Tourists have to pass through Fortrose on the way to the famous dolphin-spotting location of Chanonry Point. If the tides aren't quite right, or you want a break after an hour of watching, take time out to visit the attractive town, and in particular, the red building of Fortrose Cathedral. You might first wonder how something as small as this ever qualified as a cathedral, but in reality you're only looking at a small portion of the original structure: namely the north choir range (dating to the 12th century) and the south aisle and chapel, once connected by the main body of the cathedral itself. Despite the incompleteness of the surviving ruin, you can still get an appreciation for this place's former glory.

[The clock tower behind the cathedral is a more modern addition, built after the Reformation]

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📌 Fortrose Cathedral ★★
Cathedral Square, Fortrose town centre, G.R.: NH 727565 ///fragment.fully.uppermost
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