Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

City of Edinburgh | Stockbridge | Garden | ★★★★

[Victorian Palm House at Edinburgh Botanic Garden]

If you live close to the Royal Botanic Garden you'll already know that you're fortunate to call one of Edinburgh's most beautiful and green suburbs home. Amongst the several generous areas of open space are more than 70 landscaped acres within easy walking distance of Edinburgh New Town: beautiful woodland, rock garden, Chinese hillside, ponds and the magnificent Victorian Palm Houses are just a few of the highlights. Obviously the gardens show their best colours during the warmer months, but they're worth a visit at any time of year. If it happens to be a Sunday, pay a visit to nearby Stockbridge Market for tasty treats.

[Lily pond in the glasshouses]

Location & info

📌 Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh ★★★★
Arboretum Place, 1 mi north of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 244753 ///origin.head.hunter
Open daily | Garden: free. Glasshouse: £7 adult / free for children

[The Chinese Hillside]


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