Scottish Crannog Centre

Perth & Kinross | Kenmore | Reconstructed crannog | ★★★

[Scottish Crannog Centre]

Hovering above the mysterious waters of Loch Tay and in the shadow of Kenmore Hill lies the Scottish Crannog Centre, re-telling the story of how some people lived thousands of years ago, in wooden dwellings perched on stilts above Scotland's hundreds of lochs. The highlight is the reconstructed crannog itself: a dark, sometimes smoky affair in order to make the experience as authentic experience as possible, but a fascinating step back in time. Atmosphere is backed up by education back above dry land, with opportunities to use replica bronze age tools and a small museum area.

Location & info

📌 Scottish Crannog Centre ★★★
By minor road 1 mi southwest of Kenmore, G.R.: NN 770449 ///energy.nervy.developed
Open daily, late March to October; also on a more limited basis from November to late March | £10 adult / £7 childe


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