St Michael's Parish Church (Linlithgow)

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[St Michael's Parish Church, Linlithgow]

Crowned by an unusual, spiky spire, St Michael is Linlithgow's central parish church and also its patron saint: the town motto is St Michael is kind to strangers. Most of the building dates to the 15th and 16th centuries when it was rebuilt following a fire, and its proximity to Linlithgow Palace has given it a fascinating history; Mary, Queen of Scots was baptised here in 1542/3 and Oliver Cromwell's troops even used the nave as a horses' stable a century later.

[St Michael's Parish Church, Linlithgow]

Location & info

📌 St Michael's Parish Church ★★
The Cross, Linlithgow town centre, G.R.: NT 002772 ///clarifies.mouse.offices
🚆 Train to Linlithgow | 🚌 Bus to Linlithgow | 🚗 Street parking / car parks (some with charge) nearby
Open daily - early closing time from October to April | Free


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