Walk: Through Tyrebagger's trees to Tappie Tower

Aberdeen City | Blackburn | Short walk | ★★★

[Tyrebagger's summit is crowned with a picturesque, miniature tower]

Sandwiched between Aberdeen Airport, the A96 dual carrriageway, and now the new Aberdeen ring road too, Tyrebagger Hill doesn't sound like a promising destination. But this forested hill turns out to have plenty of character, with excellent views towards Bennachie and over the city of Aberdeen. There's a miniature fairytale tower on the summit with a spiral staircase accessing the top.

[Bennachie seen from the summit]

📌 Walk: Through Tyrebagger's trees to Tappie Tower ★★★
Start / finish at C=car park just off A96 2 mi east of Blackburn, G.R.: NJ 853116 ///claw.hands.imprints

▶ 6 km / 4 mi | ▲ 140 m | ⌚ Short | Easy
Features: △ Tyrebagger Hill (250 m)
Terrain: Mostly tracks with a little mud; clear path to summit.

Route & map

Car park - track junction at G.R.: NJ 848115 - track junction at G.R.: NJ 855122 - track junction near Pitdouries Well - Gueval Wood - Tyrebagger Hill - return to Gueval Wood - track junction at G.R.: NJ 843119 - start. Route shown on map here (no. 3), and waymarked in white.

Route credit: Forestry and Land Scotland
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On our visit

Wildlife: Birds in the forest but mostly quiet.
Weather: Sunshine and scattered clouds, temperatures in single figures.

[Aberdeen is just visible over the trees from the summit, the North Sea beyond]


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