Dulsie Bridge & Gorge

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[Dulsie Bridge]

The Findhorn is one of Scotland's longest rivers, yet it's relatively little known. Its massive catchment area - covering both the Monadhliath Mountains and the extensive Dava moor - is responsible for occasionally devastating flood events in its lower course. Further upstream, it's a much more difficult beast to become familiar with: long sections are miles from the nearest road while other parts flow through deep gorges with thick undergrowth and no paths. Dulsie Bridge offers a rare glimpse over one of the wildest spots; this arched road bridge dates to 1755 and rises 60 feet above the riverbed.

[View downstream]

Location & info

📌 Dulsie Bridge & Gorge ★★
By minor road 4 mi southwest of Ferness (parking on south side of bridge), G.R.: NH 932415 ///protrude.really.force
Always open | Free

💬 Follow a path a little way to the west (upstream) for good views of the bridge.

[View upstream]


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