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[Sango Sands]

Whatever the village of Durness may lack in facilities, it more than makes up for in natural beauty. The region's coastline is pockmarked by a series of sandy beaches - stunning even (as in the photo above) at 9pm on a grey evening in April! Three of the most accessible are listed below - two are right on the North Coast 500, so a perfect break from the tarmac. Sango Sands are close to the village "centre" and quite popular in high season. Tràigh Allt Chàilgeag is a few miles away on the winding coast road next to the abandoned Ceannabeinne Township. Previously only frequented by the opportunist passer by or well informed surfer, for the last few years it's been the site of the UK's northernmost zip line. Finally, we also feature Balnakeil Bay - perhaps the best of them all - as part of a separate walk.

[Tràigh Allt Chàilgeag (photo from a few days later]

Location & info

>> Golden Eagle Zip Line (not yet featured)

📌 Sango Sands ★★★
💬 Really 3 beaches divided by minor headlands, the middle one directly behind Durness tourist information centre.
Off the A838 at Durness, G.R.: NC 408678 ///snug.swims.deluded

📌 Traigh Allt Chailgeag ★★★
💬 Beautiful beach with views to Whiten Head.
Off the A838 3 mi east of Durness, G.R: NC 443656 ///among.bulbs.focus

💬 From the car park at G.R.: NC 443653 ///rang.soothing.towels it's a 2-min walk downhill to Tràigh Allt Chàilgeag on a clear but rough path.

>> Walk: Faraid Head - Scotland or Sahara? page: Balnakeil Bay ★★★★

[Sango Sands]


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