Handa Ferry

Highland | Tarbet | Boat trip | ★★

[Alighting on Handa Island]

For most, the Handa Ferry is really a means to an end: a way to access the beautiful scenery and 200,000 seabirds on Handa Island. But the 2 mile direct trip (more if you're on a wildlife cruise) is a minor adventure in itself, from the often bouncy crossing to the rickety wooden, portable platform that "helps" you alight on one of Handa's beaches - the exact one depends on wave conditions. Arrive early and spend a little time exploring Tarbet: an idyllic seaside hamlet, accessed by scenic lanes through craggy terrain splattered with lochans.

[Tarbet jetty, Handa Island visible in the distance]

Location & info

📌 Handa Ferry ★★
Ferry departs from Tarbet pier, Port of Tarbet, G.R.: NC 164489 ///canoe.urban.drilled
Carries: Passengers
Boats depart Monday to Saturday in "summer season" (probably early April to early September). May to July is best for puffin watching | £15 adult / £5 child for return trip

[View out to see from Tarbet]


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