Walk: Creag na Faoilinn - all eyes on Eriboll

Highland | Loch Eriboll | Half day walk | ★★★★

[Loch Eriboll from the summit]

Creag na Faoilinn... where, exactly? This diminutive and little-known hill probably receives fewer visitors in a year than many summits get in a day, but its views surpass those from many Munros. From the top, there are great views up Strath Beag into the heart of the wilderness between Foinaven and Ben Hope, sunlight glinting off numerous silvery quartzite outcrops. But it's Loch Eriboll to the north that takes the breath away: laid out like a map and punctuated only by the remote Eilean Choraidh. Views from the coast road have nothing on this. The side of the hill facing the road is unassailable and few visitors means no paths up this hill, but a short and pathless circuit is possible using the gentler slopes round the back.

[View of Creag na Faoilinn from the start - luckily the route of ascent is round the side!]

📌 Walk: Creag na Faoilinn - all eyes on Eriboll ★★★★
Start / finish at track junction (probably space for a single car only - don't block access or passing places - or look further along the road) on A838, head of Loch Eriboll, G.R.: NC 394539 ///weeks.nicer.shapes

▶ 4 km / 2 mi | ▲ 290 m | ⌚ Half a day | Tough
Features: △ Creag na Faoilinn (286 m)
Terrain: Track to start then pathless. Ascent over heather and grass; descent is a little wet (traverse left lower down to avoid the worst part). Short road return.

Route & map

Start - Strath Beag track to G.R.: NC 392532 - east then north to Creag na Faoilinn - descend to A838 by valley on east side - start

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track
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On our visit

Wildlife: A few sheep, otherwise quiet.
Weather: Sunny after overnight rain; windy at the top.

[Good views into the Sutherland's mountainous interior from the ascent, with Foinhaven (centre distance) prominent]


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