Corgarff Castle

Aberdeenshire | Cock Bridge | Castle | ★★★

[Corgarff Castle from the car park]

The whitewashed walls of Corgarff Castle give it a deceptively welcoming appearance as you approach through otherwise bleak countryside from the nearby car park. Originally built as a residence for Clan Forbes in the 16th century, the tower house's remote but strategic location on a key north-south road through the Highlands led to its conversion into barracks for government troops in 1748, following the final Jacobite rebellion. Unlike many Historic Scotland properties, Corgarff's exterior is still intact, with various rooms decorated to show what life as a soldier would have been like. Cold, based on our visit...

[Corgarff Castle]

Location & info

📌 Corgarff Castle ★★★
Off A939 at Cock Bridge, G.R.: NJ 254087 ///
Open daily, April to September | £6 adult / £3.60 child / free for Historic Environment Scotland members

💬 From the car park at G.R.: NJ 254089 /// it's a 5-min uphill walk to the castle on a good track.

[Newborn lambs in the fields around the castle]


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