Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

Aberdeenshire | Fraserburgh | Museum | ★★★★

[Kinnaird Head lighthouse lens]

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses is a truly excellent museum, and the coastal town of Fraserburgh's shining light - literally. The main part of the museum has an impressive series of exhibits and galleries about, well, lighthouses, their history and how they work, but you don't need to be a lighthouse obsessive to find it interesting. The actual lighthouse at Kinnaird Head is also next door, on the headland marking the far northeastern point of Aberdeenshire, and uniquely housed on top of a 16th century castle! Guided tours take you right to the top, with the excellent views you'd expect from any lighthouse.

[Kinnaird Head lighthouse]

Location & info

📌 Museum of Scottish Lighthouses ★★★★
Stevenson Road, 10-min walk north of Fraserburgh town centre, G.R.: NJ 999675 ///decisions.lifted.vase
Open daily, late March to October; Wednesday to Sunday, November to late March | £8.80 adult / £3.85 child

[View over Fraserburgh harbour from Kinnaird Head lighthouse]


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