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Aberdeenshire | Crovie | Nature reserve | ★★★

[RSPB Troup Head]

Troup Head is Scotland's only mainland gannetry, a seabird city home to thousands of gannets and their chicks (and smaller numbers of other seabirds, including a few puffins if you're lucky) every spring and summer. If you suffer from vertigo then perhaps stay away - the views from the guano-stained cliffs down to the waves crashing on rocks 100 metres below are pretty dizzying.

[Gannets at RSPB Troup Head]

Location & info

📌 RSPB Troup Head ★★★
Minor road end 2 mi northeast of Crovie, G.R.: NJ 825672 ///present.cabbages.moss
Always open | Free

💬 The car park is right at the end of a progressively narrow lane north from the minor road to Northfield Farm. Keep going until you think you've gone too far, then you'll see the car park on the right. The cliffs are a 10-min walk from here along tracks and field boundaries.

[View from the top of the cliffs]


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