Walk: All hail Mount Battock!

Angus | Angus Glens | Full day walk | ★★★

[Colossal hail storm heads away over the Hill of Wirren]

Mount Battock should be considered an essential destination for any Aberdonian walker. Quickly reached by road as Scotland's most easterly Corbett, the ugly hill tracks that abound in this region admittedly enable a quick ascent. Make sure to add in a return along the picturesque Burn of Turret, full of fish and a nice change from the open moorland by this stage in the day. The electric fence we spent ages trying to cross without touching above the Hill of Saughs turned out not to be electrified after all. In fact, the biggest shock we received was from the huge hail storm in the photo above, arriving overhead just as we reached the summit.

[Mount Battock (just right of centre) from the Burn of Turret]

📌 Walk: All hail Mount Battock! ★★★
Start / finish at car park on minor road at Millden phone box, 3 mi east of Tarfside, Glen Esk, G.R.: NO 540789 ///horizons.visit.escapades

▶ 16 km / 10 mi | ▲ 760 m | ⌚ Full day | Tough
Features: △ Mount Een (529 m); △ Mount Battock (778 m, Corbett)
Terrain: Mostly clear hill tracks, steep in places on ascent. Pathless descent to Hill of Saughs with a little bog, then further tracks.

Route & map

Car park - Blackcraigs - Mount Een - Bennygray - Mount Battock - Hill of Saughs - Hill of Turret - cross Burn of Turret at G.R.: NO 544805 - start

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track
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On our visit

Wildlife: Tame robin at the car park; lapwings and rabbits; fish in the Burn of Turret.
Weather: 95% sunshine and light winds, but a ferocious hail storm on the summit of Mount Battock, with winds strong enough to blow you over and reduced visibility. Chilly for May.

[Robin waits for crumbs in the car park]


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