Walk: Mellow meanderings to the Yellow Peak

Aberdeenshire | Ballater | Half day walk | ★★★

[Lochnagar from Sgor Buidhe's summit plateau]

Several excellent walks vie for attention for the walker arriving at Ballater, but Sgor Buidhe (Yellow Peak) is probably the quietest of the bunch. If it weren't for the wooden signs, you might never know the hill existed at all: it's an unassuming plateau hidden away behind oft-frequented Craigendarroch, the summit not even handed the dignity of a name on OS maps. Once you get there, the views of hills including moody Lochnagar, Mount Keen and Morven surpass those of its popular rival, even if the immediate surroundings aren't so dramatic. One to escape the crowds.

[Deeside and Mount Keen (top left) from the start of the descent]

📌 Walk: Mellow meanderings to the Yellow Peak ★★★
Start / finish at car park at Ballater visitor centre, Braemar Road (A93), Ballater village centre, G.R.: NO 370959 ///footsteps.blotchy.narrating

▶ 12 km / 7 mi | ▲ 410 m | ⌚ Half a day | Moderate
Features: Ballater ★★★; △ Sgor Buidhe / Creagan Riabhach (547 m)
Terrain: Mostly hill tracks with a couple of shortish boggy sections, especially on the wooded section of the descent. Decent paths in the valley.

Route & map

Car park in Ballater - path behind old railway station to Monaltrie House - track at G.R.: NO 376972 - Creagan Riabhach 533 m top - Sgor Buidhe - Abergairn - Craggan - B972 at G.R.: NO 358969 - valley footpath near St Mungo's Well - Ballater west riverside car park - start

Route credit: Walkhighlands
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On our visit

Wildlife: Loads of rabbits dashing through the fields near Craggan.
Weather: Mainly cloudy and quite hazy, with some sunshine breaking through. Quite warm with little wind. Some fresh (and older) snow on higher hills.

[Morven with a dusting of snow, seen from the ascent]


  1. I did this walk on the 30th of August and didn't see a single person the whole way. I like it like that! The views are fabulous up there and so are the cowberries. I hadn't read any route descriptions beforehand, I just set off wandering as I often do and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's surprising how small craigendarroch seems from there :)

    1. Yes, always a good feeling to get a walk to yourself. We'll have to go back for the cowberries!


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