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[Bridge of Livet]

There's more to Glenlivet than its whisky. For a start there's the River Livet (smooth place or full of water) itself, and crossing this only about a mile from the distillery is the Old Bridge of Livet. This hidden away, battered but still beautiful packhorse bridge dates at least to the 18th century, its characteristically high main arch having stood up to countless floods over the decades since. Climbing to the crest of the arch is still possible (although perhaps not recommended). The better-known specimen at Carrbridge is more spectacular, but watch out for the signpost for the car park off the B9008 for a quick break if you're driving by.

[Arch over one of the Livet's subsidiary channels]

Location & info

📌 Old Bridge of Livet
By the B9008 300 m east of the B9136 junction, Glenlivet, G.R.: NJ 197301 ///masterpiece.cheerily.thudding
Always open | Free


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