Fort Augustus

[Flight of locks at Fort Augustus]

"Extremely touristy, but surprisingly nice" is our verdict for Fort Augustus, the slightly claustrophobic village at the southern extremity of Loch Ness. Traffic converges here from all directions and the place fills up in summer as visitors stop in search of toilets and overpriced souvenirs. There's more to the village than that. A pretty flight of locks leads away from the main road, with benches making a perfect place for a picnic while watching boats struggle through the narrow staircase onto the Caledonian Canal. It's worth wandering along the canal in the other direction for beautiful views along the length of Loch Ness. Tip: head onto a side road to avoid paying for parking.

[Spot the Nessie sculpture...]

📌 Fort Augustus ★☆☆
Location: G.R.: NH 379092 ///collision.pressing.collapsed

[View over Loch Ness from the mouth of the Caledonian Canal at Fort Augustus]


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