Jupiter Artland

City of Edinburgh | East Calder | Landscape art | ★★★★

[Charles Jencks' "Cells of Life" exhibit]

When it comes to modern art, there are sculptures, galleries... and then there's Jupiter Artland. Huge geometric landscapes, weeping stone girls, British rivers in bottles, boulders wedged amongst tree trunks... these are only a few of the quirky displays and exhibitions we were treated to on our 2013 visit. Art-themed destinations don't get any more unique than this huge sculpture park around Bonnington House on the border between West Lothian and what's technically the city of Edinburgh. Charles Jencks' arresting "Cells of Life" landforms are the most immediately eye catching part of the large site, but wandering around all the different artworks - both large and small - will fill at least a few hours. And it's worth lingering, because there aren't many other places like it.

[Anya Gallacio's "The Light Pours Out Of Me"]

Location & info

📌 Jupiter Artland ★★★★
Entrance is on the B7015 1 mi east of East Calder, G.R.: NT 112684 ///cake.drivers.headlines
Open daily, early May to late September | £9 adult / £5 child / discount for booking online

["Rivers" by Tania Kovats includes bottles of water from 100 UK rivers, stored in a boathouse (right)]


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