Preston Tower & Doocot (Prestonpans)

East Lothian | Prestonpans | Historic building | ★★

[Preston Tower]

This ruined 15th century castle stands, rather idyllically, in the middle of a small park within the southern suburbs of Prestonpans. The tower house was built to an L-plan in the 15th century for the local Hamilton family, but it's most unusual feature was added two centuries later: a further, two-storey "house" planted on top, adding comfortable living quarters to an otherwise primarily defensive structure. A curious sight indeed - though views are of the exterior only. Also look out for the ramshackle doocot (dovecot) elsewhere in the same park.


Location & info

📌 Preston Tower & Doocot (Prestonpans) ★★
On open ground adjacent to Cross Cottages, half a mile southeast of Prestonpans town centre, G.R.: NT 390741 ///spells.myths.befitting
Always viewable (exterior only) | Free

[Tower within the park setting]


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