Prestongrange Museum

East Lothian | Prestongrange | Industrial site | ★★

[Rusting remains at Prestongrange Museum]

Thinking of museums can conjure up images of stuffy halls with endless display cabinets and too much text to read. If you don't like this type of museum, Prestongrange will be a breath of fresh air - literally. It's essentially the extensive, outdoor site of Prestongrange Colliery, close to Prestonpans on the southern side of the Firth of Forth. Now disused and understandably rusty in parts, the place is a fascinating reminder of the industrial revolution. There are very few signboards to read - instead, an innovative self-guided tour (by using your mobile phone) gets you around the site. The experience is somehow a powerful one, especially if you have the site to yourself.

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Location & info

📌 Prestongrange Museum ★★
Off the B1348 between Musselburgh and Prestonpans, G.R.: NT 371736 ///after.create.limit
🚆🚌 Bus stops nearby on B1348. Wallyford railway station is 1 mi away.
Indoor parts & guided tours daily, April to September. Rest of site: always | Most of site: free. Guided tour: £2.80

[Prestongrange Museum]


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