St Cuthbert's Parish Church (Edinburgh)

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[The apse in St Cuthbert's Parish Church, Edinburgh]

Despite its location right in the centre of Edinburgh, this Victorian church lies nearly hidden amongst trees adjacent to Princes Street Gardens and therefore receives less attention from tourists than you might imagine, though Agatha Christie held her second marriage here. And that's a shame, because they're missing out on a beautiful painted apse and friezes depicting the Last Supper. There are good views of the church from the Edinburgh Castle above.

[St Cuthbert's Parish Church (17/8/19)]

Location & info

📌 St Cuthbert's Parish Church (Edinburgh) ★★★
5 Lothian Road, 15-min walk west of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 248736 ///clubs.verge.view
🚆🚌 Local buses, tram to West End or train to Edinburgh Waverley / Haymarket (half a mile away).
Tuesday to Saturday, April to September | Free

[St Cuthbert's Parish Church]


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