Cairn o' Get

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[Cairn o' Get - it's a bit bigger on the inside]

The Cairn o' Get is a 5,000 year old burial tomb sitting in the middle of moorland close to Loch Watenan. The roof fell in centuries ago, but this gives the advantage of being able to view the interior chamber in full daylight, instead of the gloom inside more intact tombs. Other better cairns exist in the area, but given its proximity to the amazing Whaligoe Steps, you may as well pay it a visit.

[The nearest parking for the cairn is by nearby Loch Watenan]

Location & info

📌 Cairn o' Get
Off minor road at Loch Watenan, half a mile northwest of Whaligoe, G.R.: ND 313411 ///nods.relies.shelter
Always open | Free

💬 From the layby at G.R.: ND 319408 ///glee.loudness.ringers it's a 15-min walk to the cairn. Walk back (south) towards the A9 for a few paces, then follow the footpath on the right, waymarked by black and white posts. Duckboards help cross a very boggy section.

[Follow the zebra-coloured wooden posts to reach the cairn]


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