Castle of Old Wick

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[Castle of Old Wick]

There's not much to it, but the 12th century Castle of Old Wick - also known as the Old Man of Wick - is one of Scotland's oldest. Romantically situated on cliffs surrounded by deep coastal inlets, fairly little is known about the castle. This is probably a contributing factor to its lack of visitors, along with the short but beautiful walk along the coast needed to reach it (for which it gains an extra star). The castle's surroundings are a stunning place on a sunny day, and probably very atmospheric on a wild one.

[View from the Castle of Old Wick]

Location & info

📌 Castle of Old Wick ★★
Off minor road by the coast, 2 mi south of Wick town centre, G.R.: ND 369488 ///unfit.hurray.contents
Always viewable (exterior only) | Free

💬 Park at the end of the minor coast road that heads southeast from Wick. The castle is a further 10-min walk south along the coast on a rough path.

[Approaching the castle on the coast path from the north]


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