Castle of Old Wick

[Castle of Old Wick]

There's not much to it, but the 12th century Castle of Old Wick - also known as the Old Man of Wick - is one of Scotland's oldest. Romantically situated on cliffs surrounded by deep coastal inlets, fairly little is known about the castle. This is probably a contributing factor to its lack of visitors, along with the short (but beautiful) walk along the coast needed to reach it. The castle's surroundings are a stunning place on a sunny day, and probably very atmospheric on a wild one.

[View from the Castle of Old Wick]

📌 Castle of Old Wick ★☆☆
Location: On the coast 2 miles south of Wick town centre, G.R.: ND 369488 ///unfit.hurray.contents
Open: Always (exterior only)
Cost: Free
Anything else? Park at the end of the minor coast road that heads southeast from Wick. The castle is a further 10-min walk south along the coast on a rough path.

[Approaching the castle on the coast path from the north]


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