Dunnet Head & Bay

[Dunnet Head lighthouse, Orkney beyond]

From the sweeping, sandy arc of Dunnet Bay, a narrow road leads north through the scattered settlement of Brough, then across moorland sprinkled with lochans. Dunnet Head is the destination - a remote lighthouse, unspoilt headland and superb views all make a visit here worthwhile, but something else is drawing the motor homes and sightseers. Indeed, Dunnet Head's claim to fame is that it's the furthest north you can go on the British mainland: 835 miles by fastest road from The Lizard, Dunnet Head's southernmost counterpart. The views out to sea, however, will remind you that Scotland doesn't end here, with Orkney's delights only a few miles away across the Pentland Firth.

[Dunnet Bay]

📌 Dunnet Bay ☆☆☆
Description: Beautiful sandy beach popular with surfers, with a good visitor centre at the north end.
Location (visitor centre): Off A836 just south of Dunnet, G.R.: ND 219705 ///youngest.scatters.unhelpful
Open (2019): Visitor centre: daily except Wednesday and Saturday, May to September. Beach: always
Cost: Free

📌 Dunnet Head ★☆☆
Description: Mainland Britain's most northerly headland.
Location: B855 road end, 4 miles north of Dunnet, G.R.: ND 203768 ///otter.munch.lightbulb

[View east from Dunnet Head]


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