Grey Cairns of Camster

[Long cairn, Grey Cairns of Camster]

Driving north from Lybster across the barren interior of Caithness Flow Country, you'll come across the unexpected sight of some of Scotland's most amazing chambered cairns. 5,000 years barely appear to have changed The Grey Cairns of Camster, with the Long Cairn nearly sixty metres long and twenty metres wide. The smaller Round Cairn is nearby - both cairns are linked by boardwalks and grassy paths to the roadside. Three entrance passages still allow you to explore the burial spaces inside both cairns: this involves a tortuous crawl, but you can stand up inside.

[Round cairn]

📌 Grey Cairns of Camster ★☆☆
Location: Minor road between Lybster and Watten, G.R.: ND 260442 ///
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[Entrance to the Round Cairn]


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