[Helmsdale harbour]

Helmsdale's small size belies its regional importance: it's population of well under a thousand still makes it the largest settlement in the great swathe of coastline and countryside between Brora to the south, Wick to the northeast and Thurso to the north. The village first grew up as a resettlement location for evicted inland crofters during the notorious Highland Clearances, with a busy harbour once home to one of the world's largest herring fleets. Find out about all this and more in the excellent Timespan Museum, close to the village centre.

[River Helmsdale]

📌 Helmsdale ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: ND 027154 ///continued.glue.sniff

Within walking distance

📌 Timespan ★☆☆
Description: Excellent museum, art gallery and community hub showcasing the region's heritage and history, logically laid out through time.
Location: Dunrobin Street, village centre, G.R.: ND 026154 ///highlighted.nagging.landscape
Open (2019): Daily, mid-March to October; Tuesday afternoons, weekends & by appointment, November to mid-March
Cost (2019): £4 (adults), £2 (children)

[East end of the village]


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