Hill o' Many Stanes

Highland | Mid Clyth | Standing stones | ★★

[Hill o' Many Stanes]

The Hill o' Many Stanes is exactly what it says on the tin. And downright bizarre. On a nondescript area of heather moorland, more than 200 stones are arranged in at least 22 rows. It's believed that scores more, maybe hundreds more have been lost over the years. At first sight you might be underwhelmed, and there are several other stone monuments elsewhere in the region (although this is the largest and best preserved). But when you learn that they were placed here 4,000 years ago and nobody really knows why, the intrigue deepens.

[Hill o' Many Stanes]

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📌 Hill o' Many Stanes ★★
By minor road just off A9 at Mid Clyth, G.R.: ND 295384 ///wake.dare.situates
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