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[Boat trips, and a passenger ferry to Orkney, depart from here]

Scores of little-known places in Caithness are deserving of wider recognition by visitors. Unfortunately John o' Groats is the opposite: a well known location which turns out to be a disappointing collection of tacky huts stands spoiling what would otherwise be a beautiful stretch of coastline. So why visit, given this scathing review? Well, it's generally recognised (incorrectly) as the northernmost point on the British mainland, and (nearly correctly) as the northern end of the longest distance between two points on the mainland - Land's End in Cornwall being the other point. Every Brit has heard of John o' Groats, and for this reason it'll continue to attract tourists to its greasy fast food stands for the foreseeable future (though that may be a little harsh - there's also now a brewery). Whisper it quietly, but we think nearby Dunnet Head and Duncansby Head are considerably more rewarding to visit.

[The former John o' Groats Hotel, derelict until recently, has been given a new lease of life as self-catering accommodation]

Location & info

📌 John o' Groats
Highland, G.R.: ND 380734 ///done.obligated.first

🚶 You could walk along the coast to Duncansby Head and its sea stacks - allow half a day.
🚌 There are buses from Thurso, also connecting with the Gills Bay ferry to Orkney. A passenger ferry to South Ronaldsay (Orkney) departs from here.

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Walk: Stacks of Duncansby drama ★★★★ (2 mi →)

[The nearby Stacks of Duncansby have much more scenic interest]

[The famous John o' Groats signpost]


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